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~Querido Coelho

"The boy reached through to the soul of the world, and saw that it was a part of the soul of God. And he saw that the soul of God was his own soul. And that he, a boy, could perform miracles."

The boy then turned himself into the wind.


As a practitioner, I keep finding new questions. Questions on releasing. Is there a limit to it? Questions on touch. How can I direct without ambition? How can I suggest without trying? How can I lean towards the unmanifested? Questions that only seem to want to be asked but not answered. And so, my journey of questions continues.

Two years ago when I discovered the Ilan Lev Method I felt a big shift within me, I knew this was my next step after graduating from the dance academy in Amsterdam. Together with four other souls, we started the ILM Poland course guided by Yaniv Mintzer under the mentorship of Gabrielle Uetz, Omer Sigler and Dorry Aben in Amsterdam.

I started the journey because of its playful way of removing mental limitations. While receiving the sessions, I have found Profound openings in my awareness through the body and a refreshing infusion of life.

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